Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nursing (not the lactating kind)

I have been reminded lately why I love being a nurse so much! I have had some of the most wonderful patients the last couple of weeks, and I watch these brave souls who undergo so much with surgery or illness and how much trust and confidence that they put in their nurses and it makes me very humbled and grateful to be able to care for these people! I am truly impressed with their kindness and politeness and for being so grateful, when in reality it is really me that should be feeling so grateful for them and their trust. I like the platform of where I work to provide extraordinary care! I think that it is a great challenge and gives a lot to think about.
Sometimes it is easy to get jaded or hardened to people's plights, but, to have someone thank you so sincerely for being nice to them and treating them like a human it is truly an eye-opener, I mean, that is just what we do as nurses right? well, apparently this individual felt like not all nurses always treated him like a human, that is pretty sad, so you know what you jaded, old nurses, get out... or fix the jade... we are here to care, so do it... It reminds me of a role I once played in "Seussical the Musical" Horton the Elephant! What a great example of how to treat people... "a person's a person no matter how small", "i meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elephant is faithful 100%" I am grateful to be a nurse, I am proud to be a nurse, and I am here to provide extraordinary care, so if you are not, get out of my way...
and that's how Joel sees it...


  1. Thanks Joel! Great words of true humanity! Inlightened my day!

  2. Spoken like a real man! I'm thinking once I get my Medic I'll take the year long course that will allow me to certify as an RN.

  3. It's amazing the little things that Suessical still teaches me. I love Horton and Gertrude and all of it. Hope you're doing well Joel! Give Joy and Mason a hug for me! Love ya!